My Experience in Spain

I have been wondering about my roots for a long time. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I decided to explore those roots. My father’s family is from Spain and from the time I can remember finding that information out and being able to process it, I have been fascinated by Spanish and Latino culture. I am originally from New York where I have also taught since I graduated form University. Six years into my career is when I decided to apply to a program to not only learn first hand the culture that has intrigued me for so long but the language I was never taught.

I lived in Spain for almost a year and learned so much. I learned a different language, which I expected, but the customs were more than I ever could have imagined. Being from New York there are many different nationalities living among each other; however, despite the fact that I have been exposed to so many different people, nothing could have prepared me for actually submerging myself into another realm.

Living in Spain I learned something new everyday. At first it was the “Siesta” and then Flamenco and finally, a bit of Spanish. I am grateful for my experiences in Spain. They have enabled me to be a better teacher, a better communicator and an even more empathetic person to foreigners living in my country.


Beth Suzanne Confino